Here are some tips to overcome issues you may run into while using DevShop.

queued tasks are not completing

If tasks are being queued up, but not running you may have to restart your queue runner.

Check your tasks list to see if anything is actually running:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the header.

  2. Click Task Logs link.

  3. If you see Queued tasks (gray background) and none of them are running (you would see a spinner icon.) then your supervisor queue may have stopped.

To restart supervisor run the following command on your web server as a user that can sudo:

sudo service supervisor stop
sudo service supervisor start

Your queued tasks should start running again.

"Existing sites were found on this platform. These sites will need to be deleted before this platform can be deleted."

This means that a settings.php file was found in a platform's codebase at sites/DOMAIN/settings.php.

This can happen if a site fails on clone, or cannot import the data for some reason.

To fix:

  1. SSH into the server as aegir.

  2. cd into the folder of the environment (platform) you are trying to delete.

  3. cd into the "sites" folder. Run "ls" to see what sites might still be there.

  4. These sites might still exist (have a database created, etc.) so you should first try to run:

    $ drush @DOMAIN provision-delete

    If this doesn't work, then force-remove the folder:

    $ rm -rf sites/DOMAIN
  5. Retry the platform deletion task.

"This content has been modified by another user, changes cannot be saved."

You might see this when submitting either a project or an environment settings form.

This is core Drupal behavior. If you open any node form, then someone else saves a node, then you submit the form, you will receive this message. This is to prevent you from overwriting the other users changes.

This happens occasionally in devshop without the other user, because "Verify" tasks save the node object.

The solution is to re-visit the settings page and try again once the verify tasks are complete.

A fix for this might be to block the user from loading the settings form if we detect a running verify task.


This obscure message comes from Aegir. It happens during an Install task, if there is already a sites/ folder within the environment. Sometimes the install task ran successfully first, and then for some reason, it a second install was attempted.

If you receive a PROVISION_SITE_INSTALLED error in an install task, but the site does work, you can simply verify the environment and ignore the failed installation

If a database was created as well as the sites/ folder, you can ignore it and the next install will create a new database and leave the old one. You can delete the database manually, or you can try a provision-delete:

$ drush provision-delete

If the site does not work and there is no settings.php and database created, you can just remove the sites/ folder:

$ rm -rf /var/aegir/projects/proj/env/sites/

...then Retry the Install task. Your site will install as normal.

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