DevShop Remote Servers

We have created a simple command to setup remote servers:

devshop remote:install

You can test this with the Vagrantfiles available in this repo:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Run vagrant up remote to turn on the remote server. You must do this first.
  3. Run vagrant up to turn on the devshop server.
  4. Once the devmaster server is finished provisioning, put the aegir SSH public key into the "remote" server:
    1. vagrant ssh to log into the devmaster server.
    2. sudo cat /var/aegir/.ssh/ to output the server's public key. Copy this.
    3. exit to exit the devmaster server.
    4. vagrant ssh to log into the remote server.
    5. sudo su - to switch to root user.
    6. vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to edit the SSH authorized keys. Paste in the devmaster servers public key and save the file.
    7. exit the remote server.
    8. vagrant ssh back into the devmaster server.
    9. sudo su - aegir to switch to aegir user.
    10. devshop remote:install to run the remote server install script.
  5. At the end, you will be shown the MySQL username and password, and the apache restart command. Use these to create a server in the devmaster front-end.

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